Hello All,

I'm working in a large(ish) and growing team of writers, and we need to start 
using some kind of distributed access control.? Can anyone give me any feedback 
on the in-built WebDAV workgroup functionality within Frame version 7.1?

Our Catch-22 situation is that we don't currently have WebDAV support in our 
environment, and we're told that we'll need to buy a new server if we want it.? 
In other words, I can't test the functionality until we've already committed to 
using it.

-?Are there any issues or known problems with the workgroup management 
-?Does it support any kind of version control, or is it purely access control?
-?If you've used it, do you like it?? Why or why not?
-?Is there any intrinsic reason that this has to be on a different server from 
other data servers (I'm assuming the requirement for a new server is an 
internal IT-management issue, rather than anything technical)?  What are the 
minimum hardware/software requirements to support this?
Thanks for any feedback you can provide!
Mairi McKissock

mairi.mckissock at bridgewatersystems.com 
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