Hi, Ann:

Rick's made some good points. If you search Google, frameusers.com 
archives, FrameMaker and InDesign U2U forums at Adobe.com, for 
phrases like your subject line, you'll find lots of postings on what 
to expect when migrating. There are many FrameMaker features that 
aren't implemented yet in InDesign, or aren't implemented as 
thoroughly. Also search Google for indesigntalk, dedicated to, umm, 
InDesign Talk!

Keep in mind that InDesign is fundamentally a layout program, which 
traditionally expects the content it's given to be complete, or 
nearly complete. Continuous authoring and editing is more 
FrameMaker's strength, especially for x-refs, and complex numbering 
that change frequently up to the final editing pass before handing 
off for reproduction or distribution.

Peter Gold
KnowHow ProServices

At 12:02 PM -0400 6/5/06, Ann Zdunczyk wrote:
>Hi All,
>I have been contacted by a customer to find out what is needed to convert
>FrameMaker to InDesgin. They say they will be using InDesign CS2.
>Has anyone done this and if so what are the steps.

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