Problem solved thanks to Karen Z., Linda G., Fred R., Lin S., and Shelley S.!

I had overlooked the right-click on the TOC.
I thought the Format > Document > PDF Setup > Bookmarks tab was
supposed to do the trick. Now I will remember:

1. Open .book and mark TOC as selected.
2. Right-click and select Set Up Table of Contents or Edit > Set Up
Table of Contents
3. Move desired format to the Include Paragraphs Tagged box.

Thanks everyone.

regards, Karen Mardahl

> -----Original Message-----
> Frame 7.1p116, WinXP
> I have a TOC with only 3 headings.
> I added a Heading 4 to the other files in the .book. Now I need that to show
> up in the TOC.
> What I have done:
> * Added a "Heading 4TOC" (to match the other 3 levels) in the Paragraph
> designer for the TOC.
> * Added the layout info to the Reference page.
> * Updated the PDF info for the document to say take 4 headings.

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