Hi Framers

A friend has a FrameMaker file prepared on PC with figures imported by copy 
that show up as gray boxes when viewed on Mac - so no surprises there. 
Examination of the MIF shows that they are bitmaps. Is there any way to 
identify the embedded image types from the MIF?

The bitmaps in the MIF are all prefixed by: 

[bitmap data]

...if that's any clue. My reading of the MIF on-line guide suggests that the 
'=OLE2' is FrameMaker's facet definition, but what does this actually mean in 
terms of graphic format? Surely 'OLE' is a technology, not a graphics format? 
It's not listed in any copy of the MIF on-line guide (6, 7.0) that I have. 
Maybe it's in the 7.2 version?

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