Unfortunately, apparently the figures weren't put into the 
FrameMaker document via simple copy/paste (bad idea anyway),
but via OLE, "Object Linking and Embedding," which effectively
requires that the FrameMaker document be edited on a system
of the same platform with the application and the application's
file/data available from which the data was copied.

        - Dov

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> Subject: Identifying the type of imported by copy files
> Hi Framers
> A friend has a FrameMaker file prepared on PC with figures 
> imported by copy that show up as gray boxes when viewed on 
> Mac - so no surprises there. Examination of the MIF shows 
> that they are bitmaps. Is there any way to identify the 
> embedded image types from the MIF?
> The bitmaps in the MIF are all prefixed by: 
> =OLE2
> &%v
> [bitmap data]
> ...if that's any clue. My reading of the MIF on-line guide 
> suggests that the '=OLE2' is FrameMaker's facet definition, 
> but what does this actually mean in terms of graphic format? 
> Surely 'OLE' is a technology, not a graphics format? It's not 
> listed in any copy of the MIF on-line guide (6, 7.0) that I 
> have. Maybe it's in the 7.2 version?
> -- 
> Steve
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