At 2:47 PM +0300 6/8/06, Shlomo Perets wrote:
>I am afraid that I do not understand why -- other than for printing 
>purposes -- a single large PDF is more useful than the exact same 
>information available from within FrameMaker as a topic-based online 
>help (where the search is much more effective than Acrobat's Find 

I agree with Shlomo! I've been using the bookmark that I added to my 
browser's toolbar, and also a desktop shortcut, both of which point 
to the Help main menu page - help.html in the Help folder of the 
FrameMaker installation folder - to open the help system quickly, 
independent of FrameMaker being open.

>BTW, anyone with Acrobat can convert a web help system into a single 
>PDF (through File > Create PDF > From Web Page, pointing to the help 
>main menu page).

Peter Gold
KnowHow ProServices

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