At 14:47 +0300 8/6/06, Shlomo Perets wrote:

>I am afraid that I do not understand why -- other than for printing purposes 
>-- a single large PDF is more useful than the exact same information available 
>from within FrameMaker as a topic-based online help (where the search is much 
>more effective than Acrobat's Find function).

Hi Shlomo

Well, it is to FrameMaker users on Mac, as my experience is that the FrameMaker 
6 help reader is broken when used from Classic, and the help files cannot be 
reached. It typically produces messages such as 'The file 'fm6.hlp' couldn't be 
opened or couldn't be found because of an error #-35' (-35 = 'file not found').

Also, in OS X, Apple's Preview application is a much nicer PDF reader for 
manuals than QuickHelp.

FrameMaker 7's help for Mac opens in Internet Explorer. Need I say more?

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