OK, three thoughts:

If you're using what would be the Table Title as your figure title,
the above/below
setting is a property on the Table Designer dialog box, Basic tab. Ctrl-t, then
Title Position.

If that's set to No Title, though, you're using an unrelated tag to
handle the title.
You should be able to just select it and move it...

If you can't select and move the tag, I'd suspect that whatever
paragraph tag you're
using to anchor the figure table is referencing a frame on a reference
page... In that
para designe window, is there a setting on the Advanced tab for frame
above or below?


On 6/8/06, Yvonne Mills <Yvonne.Mills at jdsu.com> wrote:
> Hello all.
> I'm using FrameMaker (7.1p114, on PC with Win XP SP2) for my User's
> Guides then converting to HTML using WebWorks (the STANDARD version, not
> PRO).
> In our template we have a Figure table that automatically puts "Figure
> n" under the graphic (with "n" being the auto number) each time we
> insert a figure table.
> In the print guide, it looks "normal" to have the figure caption under
> the graphic.  However, when converting to HTML, this doesn't seem right.
> When the user clicks on a link to the graphic, they don't see the
> graphic. This is because the link is pointed to the figure caption, not
> the graphic. Sure, all the user has to do is scroll up, but I would like
> to move the Figure caption to the top of the graphic.
> I vaguely remember this being discussed before.  I tried to search the
> archives, but didn't have much luck.  I'm sure it's something easy,
> although I looked at the Table Designer and figured I would simply move
> the table title from below the table to above, but found that there was
> _no_ table title.  I even (briefly) checked the Master and Reference
> pages and Frame's online help, but didn't find anything.
> Thanks in advance for your help.
> Regards,
> Yvonne Mills
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