You might not wish to go to these lengths, but the way we do glossaries is to 
set them up in a two-column [untitled, unruled) table, term in left-hand 
column, definition in right-hand column. We then insert glossary terms in the 
book text using xrefs to the glossary.

What this gets you:

. Ability to alphasort glossary terms with one command

. Simple formatting by adjusting column widths

. Easy way to apply special formatting to term in body text or glossary

. Guarantee that term is quoted in text exactly as it appears in glossary

. 'Free' hyperlinks in a PDF from a term to its definition

. Structure that Mif2Gos fairly simply to get pop-up glossary definitions in 
Windows help

. Easy method of spotting terms that are defined but not referenced (look for 
terms with no hyperlink)

. Guarantee that terms that are not defined in the glossary, but should be, 
will be spotted

You can use exactly the same idea for bibliographies.

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