Hi Chuck,

If the HTML is XHTML (and well-formed), you could use FrameScript 4 and 
MSXML 4.0 (free from Microsoft) to import and format the XHTML in 
FrameMaker. FrameScript is not free ($150) and a script would not be free, 
but it would allow you to customize the process to get exactly what you 

If you are interested in exploring this, please send me some HTML samples, 
and how you want them to look in FrameMaker. I may be able to provide you 
with a free prototype so you can see what is possible.

If any other framers are interested in this, please contact me offlist. 
Thank you very much.

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing

Hello fellow Framers,

A couple months ago, I believe, I submitted a question about the
WebWorks Import Utility that takes HTML files and converts them to Frame
(MIF) format. We have been using that tool fairly successfully, but we
have found that it has several fairly serious shortcomings.
Particularly, it doesn't handle tables well at all (including the
<caption> tagset).

So I thought I would turn to this group once again and ask: Does anyone
out there know of other import utilities that convert HTML to Frame
formats? Cheap is wonderful and free is even better!   ;o)


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