Hi all:

There's been a lot of questions about transforms, XSL, XML and FrameMaker on 
the lists in the last while and I thought that there must be something that is 
going to help walk through the alphabet soup of X[stuff] and make things 
easier. I'm waiting on my copy (in the next week or so I hope), so I don't know 
if this is going to be helpful, but if you go to:


You'll find info on a new book that covers topics such as:

* How to share XML data with both internal and external users 
* Ways to style XML so that it can be used for browser presentation 
* Techniques for converting XML content online using XSLT
* How to search, merge, and transform XML documents 
* How to create PDF output and produce RSS feeds

There's more to the book, but the Amazon site is likely the best bet to get 
more detailed info.


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