I am fighting to adapt an alien structured book to our needs. It
consists of a couple of hundred files but there is only one bookfile
and each "Section" or volume has its own Table of Contents (in
addition to the book TOC), which they call Index. Some of the TOCs
were totally without hyperlinks (just typed text within special entry
elements), but some use hyperlink elements.

I want to get some easier way of linking the TOC items, so, as I do
not know of any easy way of making a section TOC (because this would
involve dozens of files for each and there are other practical reasons
not to split the book up into more book files), I decided to try to
use cross references.

I added the necessary elements to the EDD and everything works OK,
except when I come across long lines, of course the lines won't brake
anywhere sensible. It seems to me, that it is in places like this that
we need to be able to set a tabulator length, so that a line will
brake within a tabulator.

Is there any way of working this, a FrameScript or something?
Can ToCBreaker be tricked into being applicable here?

Thanks in advance,

Bodvar Bjorgvinsson,
Supervisor Publishing,
Flight Support,
Air Atlanta Icelandic

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