Pearl Rosenberg wrote: 

> In the code above, where it says <P CLASS="Num-1"> should be 
> the first numbered step; <P CLASS="Num"> are the remaining 
> steps, and <P CLASS="Bullet-num"> are bulleted list items 
> that are formatted to indent under items in a numbered list.
> It would be tedious to have to go into the HTML for all the 
> lists and add the list tags - as with most user manuals, the 
> whole things is full of steps and lists. 

Well, you can't just select Save As > HTML and expect it to come out
right because FM doesn't know the purpose of all your pgf tags and how
you use them. 

I suppose it could guess, based on the _appearance_, but the engineers
at Adobe thought it would be better to have you explicitly tell FM what
HTML tags to map your FM pgfs to -- thus the HTML Mapping Tables in the
reference pages of your docs. See your FM user manual and/or help to
learn how to set up your mappings. 

Alternatively, try the WebWorks Publisher Standard Edition that's
included free with FM, or try Mif2Go ( -- most people would
agree that either choice is better than FM's built-in HTML conversion.
Both will still require you to set up your conversion -- map your FM
formats to HTML output. 

There is no way to do what you want to do without some learning and
setup effort on your part. You can't just push a button and expect good


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