Neil Tubb wrote:  

> Fair point John. I guess I wasn't specific enough. We really 
> want the browser-based review option, because that is the 
> only way reviewers will be able to see the comments of other 
> reviewers online-- which helps to avoid multiple comments on 
> the same point. The email and manual roll-up into one 
> reviewed document is OK, but not as helpful for our needs. 
> Funny that it apparently works with Acrobat Reader 6 
> though...wonder if we can't just find a copy of 6 out there 
> somewhere and distribute that...hmmm...

Not Reader 6 -- Acrobat 6. Reader 7 is the first _reader_ version that
supports review/comment. But the _full_ version of Acrobat 6 (or 7)
permits collaborative review without the Adobe server software. 

BTW, good luck finding out much about the server products on the Adobe
website. When we looked into the review/comment features, I chased my
tail around their site for a couple of hours without ever finding any
pricing info -- or even detailed descriptions beyond the vague
market-speak promises and generalities. Every attempt to drill deeper
eventually led me back to where I'd come from, no wiser than before. :-}


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