Hedley Finger wrote:  

> Problem:  while you can Open All Files in a book, there 
> appears to be no global way of opening all the text insets in 
> all the components of a book. 

I've used Yves' solution of a book of text inset source files, and it
works nicely. 

Do you create an individual FM file for each text inset? Remember, an FM
file can contain multiple flows, and a text inset is just a flow. You
might want to consider combining all related text insets in one FM doc.
I have one FM doc that contains close to 50 flows -- all the text insets
used in a specific book. 

If you have hundreds and hundreds of text insets, one or more books
would be the way to go. You can use individual books to group the text
inset source files in logical ways, such as shared topics, variables,
formats, etc. 

If, indeed, there are many hundreds, you may want to use Framescript to
create the books. :-) 


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