One quick amplification regarding your first point:

If you make a multi-flow file to hold multiple text inset source
chunks, you still have the ability to insert them in any order and
in any combination in any container document. Remember that 
when you do a text inset, you start with File > Import > File
to identify the source file, but are then presented with the 
Import Text Flow by Reference dialog where you identify the
single, specific flow in the file that you want to import. It can
be the first one, the last one, or any in-between. If you want 
more than one flow from that file, you have to do more than 
one import operation just as if each flow were a separate file.

What's important in this mode of operation is to give the flows 
useful, descriptive names (rather than the default A, B, etc.) 
that uniquely identify each chunk. The challenge is to keep the
names short since the list box in the Import Flow... dialog 
only displays about 20 characters and is non-scrolling and 
not resizable. 

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> Hedley Finger wrote: 
> > Problem:  while you can Open All Files in a book, there 
> > appears to be no global way of opening all the text insets in 
> > all the components of a book. 

Thanks to all who contributed to this one.  Replies and clarifications
no particular order: (1)  The text inset source files are one topic per 
file so topics can be reused in any order.  (2)  I have used the
book file containing text inset files before but this time there are a
of text insets --  but this is the likely way to go.  (3)  Looks like a 
FrameScript that scans a book, detects all text insets, and creates a
book of text insets could be the way to go.  Now to find the time.


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