Dov wrote :

> The AdobePiStd font is a substitution font for ITC Zapf
> Dingbats used by the PDF Library and by Acrobat when
> PDF files call for ITC Zapf Dingbats but do not have it
> installed. In the case of FrameMaker, it may be necessary
> when PDF files are imported into FrameMaker.
> It should NOT be removed as part of any expedient for
> faster FrameMaker loading.

Steve wrote: 

>> Phil - I seem to remember reading somewhere that FrameMaker
>> malfunctions without the Symbol font. That might no longer be true
>> in 7.2, of course.

Fortunately, those are small fonts which have little impact on startup
time. It's the multimegabyte Chinese and Japanese fonts that add the

Harro de Jong

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