Hi Henrik,

Are your documents structured or unstructured? Thanks.

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing

Hi All,
I have a review problem. I have a user guide with hundreds and hundreds
of topics like this:

Topic a
Topic b
Topic c
Topic d

Reviewer A should review topics a, c, etc.
Reviewer B should review topics a, b, d, etc.

Now I want to make it easier for the reviewers and I want to make a list
of which topics to review, as all topics are not of interest to all
I want to auto-generate this list and hopefully this could be possible
using the FM functionality of creating lists or indexes. The idea is
that FM in some way can identify topic header on a ceratin page and list
it under the correct heading/reviewer in the generated list or generated
index. The review list should look something like this:

Reviewer A:
Topic a,  page 2
Topic c,  page 4

Reviewer B:
Topic a, page 2
Topic b, page 3
Topic d, page 5

Reviewer A knows exactly which topics to review, etc.

Anyone tried this with FM? Is it possible? Do I have to look into
scripting to solve this? I am pretty sure that you have to do some
initial work by defining who should define each topic, (using markers?,
conditional text?, variables?), but in the end I really would like this
to be automated.

Best Regards

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