Hi Joe,

If you have FrameScript 4.0R2 and MSXML 4, you can easily extract a single 
element from an XML file. You could also avoid the XML step entirely with 

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing

I am using Frame.

I discovered a neat feature of FM 7.1 that helps a lot.

You can save a .FM file as XML, *even if it's unstructured*. It will use
your paragraph and character tag names as elements, so if you're looking
for all strings that you've marked with the character tag "Term", you
just need to search for <Term>blah</Term>.

Very handy!

I have to caution you that since it's XML, it is *not* line-oriented.
You can't use a typical search and replace tool (like "sed") that is
line-oriented. Fortunately, I know how to handle this.


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