Richard Combs had a comment in the thread "Question about the
hyperlink from the LOF to the figure":
"NOTE: There's a good case to be made for anchoring tables in their
own empty pgf, not at the end of the preceding text pgf, but I don't
want to complicate this any further. :-)"

This made me curious! I searched the archives, and I found 2 relevant
threads, which provided more food for thought:
"small paragraphs for adding tables" from Sept. 1, 2005
"RE: start a table at top of column?" from Sept 18, 2005

My take on this - and I am looking for support, comments, or
modifications - is that you should have a unique table anchor
paragraph tag for anchoring all tables. I believe this gives you best
overall control. Two reasons so far:

1. A unique tag always gives good control over material.
2. Wise formatting of this tag gives consistent spacing. And because
the formatting is built into a tag, you do not have to resort to any
manual formatting, which you might need to do, if you just
attach/anchor the table to the preceding block of text or whatever.

Right now, our policy is no separate paragraph tags for tables. I am
currently working on a monster manual with over 600 tables. There are
many situations where you have table after table with no text
inbetween. Based on this, I want to propose that we do have a unique
tag for anchoring tables. Richard's comment came at a perfect time, so
now I am asking what the rest of you think - or whether Richard wants
to reveal his reasons? I'd like to hear what people have to say.

regards, Karen Mardahl

PS Just FYI: Unstructured Frame 7.1p116 WinXP

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