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>> Right now, our policy is no separate paragraph tags for tables. I am
>> currently working on a monster manual with over 600 tables. There are
>> many situations where you have table after table with no text
>> inbetween. Based on this, I want to propose that we do have a unique
>> tag for anchoring tables. Richard's comment came at a perfect time, so
>> now I am asking what the rest of you think - or whether Richard wants
>> to reveal his reasons? I'd like to hear what people have to say.
>I have also a document with several 100 tables one after the
>other. Previously they were anchored in a single paragraph
>(anchor). But it was impossible to change the order manually
>or insert anything. Therefore I changed that so that each table
>is now anchored in its own paragraph (with the help of

 If you're hanging many table anchors in a single paragraph tag then I've 
always found it useful to put an em space between the anchors. Then you can 
select table anchors individually with ease, if necessary.

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