Ron, I think it's going to depend a lot on what your final form
deliverable is --
FM, .PDF, HTML, something else... I haven't played with it, but I'd
guess that .PDF
may support it and I'd be surprised if HTML did because you'd have to
convert to another
format that would likely throw away the link info. Probably have to
redo it as an image map under whatever graphic you end up with.


On 6/29/06, Ron Teplitz <Ronald.Teplitz at> wrote:
> Ron wrote :
> > Can I import a Visio flowchart into Frame 7 Solaris and retain the
> > live links? If not, how can I do it? Do I need Window Frame?
> What do you mean by 'live links'?
> Harro de Jong
> I'm told you can make a link in Visio so when you click on something, another 
> f
> ile opens, like with a Hypertext marker in Frame. I want to preserve links 
> from
>  the Visio doc to external files when the Visio doc gets imported into Frame. 
> I
>  guess that has to be Windows Frame since Frame 7 Solaris won't import Visio 
> fi
> les.
> Ron
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