Ron Teplitz wrote: 

> I'm told you can make a link in Visio so when you click on 
> something, another f ile opens, like with a Hypertext marker 
> in Frame. I want to preserve links from  the Visio doc to 
> external files when the Visio doc gets imported into Frame. I 
>  guess that has to be Windows Frame since Frame 7 Solaris 
> won't import Visio fi les. 

I wanted to do this, but couldn't figure out a way. I have about 50
interconnected call flow diagrams in 6 multi-page Visio files that all
end up in an FM file. I could create PDFs from Visio that preserved the
hyperlinks. But when I imported those PDFs into FM, the links were lost.
I briefly tested both linking and embedding a Visio OLE object in FM,
but that didn't preserve the links either. 

The PDF route _ought_ to work -- the info is all right there in the PDF
file, it just needs to be preserved. FM is doing something it shouldn't
with the imported PDF. Shame, FM, shame! Bad app! ;-) 


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