Hi David,

You are right. I just tried it with both Save As PDF and printing to file. 
In both cases, I don't get the book name on the front of the file name.

I am using FrameMaker 7.2 for Windows.

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing

Either I am doing something right or I am missing something.

I am able to create individual postscript files, which are then
distilled to PDF, without any special scripts by doing the following:

Default printer is the Adobe PDF printer instance.

With the book file active and all chapters closed.

Select File > Print Book or select the chapters to be printed and select
Print Selected Files.

Set the following options in the Print Book or Print Selected Files in
Book dialog

Print Page Range: All
Odd-Numbered Pages
Even-Numbered pages
Print to File (Browse to the location to store the .ps files) Save Book
As: Separate File for Each Document Generate Acrobat Data

What this gives me is separate .ps files for each, or the selected,
chapter of the book.

Then you distill each of the .ps files to produce individual .pdfs of

Each postscript file is the name of the respective chapter.

Works every time.

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