If memory serves me (sometimes it takes a day off) in Frame 6.x you
needed to change the filename to *.ps, as you stated. I am using Frame
7.0 and it doesn't need this additional step.

With the steps I posted earlier I get individual chapter filenames.

Are you changing the filename that appears in Print To File...?

Leave that to whatever is displayed (bookname.ps). Just click Browse and
point to the folder you want the postscript files stored.

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your procedure is correct. The issue here is the naming of the files

In FrameMaker until version 6, when printing to file and using an asterx
(*) for filename would produce separate files for each file in the book,
using the correct file names. But the new feature (since 7.x) using the
'Separate File for Each Document' option creates .ps files (or .pdf)
using the bookname+filename.

Isn't that the case at your site?

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Either I am doing something right or I am missing something.

I am able to create individual postscript files, which are then
distilled to PDF, without any special scripts by doing the following:

Default printer is the Adobe PDF printer instance.

With the book file active and all chapters closed.

Select File > Print Book or select the chapters to be printed and select
Print Selected Files.

Set the following options in the Print Book or Print Selected Files in
Book dialog

Print Page Range: All
Odd-Numbered Pages
Even-Numbered pages
Print to File (Browse to the location to store the .ps files) Save Book
As: Separate File for Each Document Generate Acrobat Data

What this gives me is separate .ps files for each, or the selected,
chapter of the book.

Then you distill each of the .ps files to produce individual .pdfs of

Each postscript file is the name of the respective chapter.

Works every time.

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Hi Wim,

There is no way to change this in the FrameMaker interface. There are
two ways you could script this:

1) Write a script that would open each file in the book and save it as
PDF, using the correct name.
2) Write a script to rename the files after they are created.

Personally, I think (1) would be a better choice.

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing


But my question is: using this option cteates a .ps file with name
constructed as: <bookname>(<filename> (with a left bracket in the
middle....). I only want the file name as name for the .ps file.

Is there a setting somewhere to change this?

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