Adobe FrameMaker 2006 Chautauqua
November 8-10, 2006
Austin, Texas USA

Hello Framers!

I'll be presenting at this event and wanted to invite you to get your 
registration in early. Building on the moment from last year's 
Chautauqua and the excitement of X-Pubs in London, UK last week (adobe 
showed off some really cool stuff!!!), it's clear that this year's 
Chautauqua is going to be bigger and better than last year's very 
successful event. In fact, both Adobe and Quadralay have claimed top 
spots as sponsors and are actively involved as both presenters and 
exhibitors. Expect to see some cool and useful new things from both of 
these vendors.

Here's the scoop on Adobe FrameMaker 2006 Chautauqua....

Co-sponsored by Adobe Systems and Quadralay, and brought to you by 
Bright Path Solutions, this three-day global gathering of FrameMaker 
users is a must-attend event. Presentations specifically related to 
DITA include:  Leveraging DITA in a Multilingual Environment, The 
impact of Darwin Information Typing Architecture on Technical 
Communication, Adobe FrameMaker and DITA, and FrameDITA-lite. 
Additional presentations include: Pay No Attention to the (Wo)Man 
Behind the Curtain: Moving Your Team Towards Single-Sourcing, 
Developing Documentation with Structured FrameMaker and XML on a Small 
Budget, and Complexity to Simplicity with Controlled English and 

A special remote keynote will be delivered by Bob Doyle -- the inventor 
of the first handheld video game, the first desktop publishing 
application and much more. Additional notable keynotes/presenters 
include: Don Day (IBM), Eliot Kimber (Innodata-Isogen), Michael Hu 
(Adobe Systems), Bernard Aschwanden (Publishing Smarter) and Bret 
Freeman (CM Pros).

Learn more:

Hope to see you in Austin, Texas, November 8-10, 2006.

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