At 12:17 -0400 30/6/06, James Dyson wrote:

>My reserved symbol is either too low or my daggers are too high. Does anyone 
>have any suggestions?

Yes, but you won't like it.

Assuming that you can get a superscript setting that is ok for most of your 
superscripts, isolate the problem one(s) and put them in a one-character text 
box contained within an 'at insertion point' anchored frame tacked onto the 
letter that precedes the superscripted character. Copy and paste as required.

Downside: it's fiddly. Upside: you can set any size and position of the 
superscripted character by massing with font sizes/character formats and 
nudging the text box up and down within the anchored frame.

I expect someone will have a better (or, at least, slightly less demented) 
idea. It's Friday, my brain got fried by Larry's video. Oh, that was the 'Fm 
for OS X' group...

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