It is absolutely a problem with cutting and pasting elements. You can
*not do this in FM*! (wish I could use bold).

Always create new elements, and always create new chapters from
templates and not by cloning old ones.

This was one of the first things I was warned about when using
structured FM at Oracle. Not that I'm saying Karen (or anyone else)
should have known; my guess is that Oracle found out the hard way!

I don't know a way to find the duplicate ids offhand. sorry!


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As I have previously mentioned, I produce documentation using FrameMaker
70p579 and we are now attempting to get all of our documentation online
in a help system, using a tool written in-house with our own software (a
4GL called Cyberscreen), while maintaining the existing documentation
for PDF and print output. Initially my part in this was just to save the
individual chapters of each book as xml, producing a .xml and .css for
each chapter, plus make sure all the images were saved as gifs. As
predicted by people on this list, we keep hitting problems with the XML;
last month the problem was related to formatting that was applied using
the toolbar and not character and paragraph tags, which I'm currently

The latest problem is that there are duplicate IDs in the XML. A Google
has hinted that this is as a result of copying and pasting within

Here's an example of the problem from the guy who's developing the XML
parsing tool:


This is a link to a location labelled "Installation", i.e. the XML says

<A ID="pgfId-4937884"></A>
Install the client and server software - see <A
href="install.xml#id(Installation)" xml:link="simple" show="replace"
actuate="user" CLASS="XRef">
<Emphasis>Software Installation</Emphasis> <NoEmphasis> ", page
78</NoEmphasis> </A>. </Numbered>

Unfortunately there are SEVEN places in this document where the XML

<A ID="Installation"></A>

and as "page 78" means nothing to my scripts they can't tell which of
them is intended.

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