Your method was as good as any, but I'm lazy, so I think I would have
left the target chapter files alone, added them to the destination
book, and just changed the numbering properties of the book so they
appeared to be a single chapter.

I don't know if it applies to your situation, but that would have left
both books intact, so that changes to the original source book would
ripple into the destination book too.

You could also have skipped Step 3 in your procedure, too, again so
the source files could stand alone.


On 3/2/06, Milan Davidovic <shl_ctf at> wrote:
> I'm having no luck with searching the
> site, so perhaps I can put this to you...
> Recently, I had the task of bringing the chapters of
> one Frame book into a single chapter of another Frame
> book. It wasn't a big task, so I did this:
> 1. Created the file that would serve as the chapter in
> the target book.
> 2. Imported the chapters of the source book as text
> insets.
> 3. Converted the insets into text.
> 4. Add the file to the target book.
> Are there more efficient options for performing this
> task?

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