If the component files will only be used within this new 
chapter, you could have saved a step by choosing the 
Copy Into Document rather than the Import By Reference 
option in the File Import dialog. This saves you the step 
of converting the text insets to text after importing because 
it imports the file in that form to begin with.

But if the component files will continue to be used 
independently as well as in this composite chapter, you 
may be better off keeping them as insets so that changes
only need to be made in one place.

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Fred Ridder (fred dot ridder at intel dot com)
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I'm having no luck with searching the frameusers.com
site, so perhaps I can put this to you...

Recently, I had the task of bringing the chapters of
one Frame book into a single chapter of another Frame
book. It wasn't a big task, so I did this:

1. Created the file that would serve as the chapter in
the target book.
2. Imported the chapters of the source book as text
3. Converted the insets into text.
4. Add the file to the target book.

Are there more efficient options for performing this



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