Hi all:

I've just finished the first solid draft of our FrameDITA-lite application for 
use with FrameMaker and DITA. It is built to work with Frame 7.2, but the bulk 
of it should also work with 7.0 and 7.1.

It's not the most stunning tool ever, but it is a pretty solid XML and 
FrameMaker utility that has about 40 pages of documentation that walks you 
through installation, tutorials, testing and more.

It may be something that a single writer can consider as a solid starting point 
for single sourcing. The price on it is perfect for the lone writer (or the 
mega corporation) as it's free. I'm giving it away.

With this application and some very cool (and affordable) tools by West Street 
Consulting (http://www.weststreetconsulting.com) a lot of the ideas for single 
sourcing are addressed that can help the smaller company as well as the 
largest. It allows for granular reuse of paragraphs, sections, topics, tasks 
and so on. It also provides the ability to export to DITA compliant XML. The 
formatting and layout can be tweaked with relative ease if you know FrameMaker 
and the EDD environment. If not, I also provide some online support and 
consulting on it.

I've sent the file to a few people on the various lists already and will 
continue to do so over the weekend, but if you are interested in being a part 
of the beta team to test it, please let me know.

My goal is to have this ready for general use before the big DITA conference 
this month (http://conf.travelthepath.com if you are interested in more info) 
so that I can show it to anyone who asks while we are there.

Again, if you are interested in beta testing, please email me off list and let 
me know. I'd love to have input on this and get it solid enough that everyone 
can take advantage of a working file set for use with FrameMaker and DITA.



Bernard Aschwanden
Publishing Technologies Expert
Publishing Smarter

bernard at publishingsmarter.com 


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I am looking for experiences and advice about using DITA from tech writers who 
are familiar with real success stories.

I'm the only tech writer here at TuVox, a 70-person startup. I am seriously 
considering using DITA as the basis of a single-source structured documentation 
environment. The reasons I want single-source and structure are 

*       re-use, to avoid duplication
*       multi-channel delivery: ability to re-structure help systems
into documents
*       localization/customization: ability to tailor documentation to
individual customers
*       quick, iterative delivery: respond quickly to emerging needs 

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