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>I wonder if anyone can help me regarding font problems with FrameMaker 6.0
>and Actobat/Distiller 6.0.
>I have had a problem when distilling a FM file. Distiller cannot embed a
>font because of licensing restrictions. We have purchased this font so it's a 
>mystery why I get this error. I am able to create the PDF which looks
>OK on my PC as I have the font but on other PCs Acrobat uses a substitute
>We decided to reinstall FM.  I used the FM disk to install Acrobat and
>Distiller but these are earlier versions so I upgraded to  Acrobat
>Professional 6.0.
>Unfortunately FM doesn't offer Distiller as a printer option now. I use
>Adobe PDF instead to create the PS file and then use Distiller to create
>the PDF but I still have the font licence problem. I can live with not
>having Distiller as a printer option but I really need to sort out the
>font problem.
>Any ideas?


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