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> On behalf of someone on another group...
> At 11:23 +0000 6/3/06, Cherie.Ellis at wrote:
>> I wonder if anyone can help me regarding font problems with
>> FrameMaker 6.0 and Actobat/Distiller 6.0.
>> I have had a problem when distilling a FM file. Distiller cannot
>> embed a font because of licensing restrictions. We have purchased
>> this font so it's a mystery why I get this error. I am able to
>> create the PDF which looks OK on my PC as I have the font but on
>> other PCs Acrobat uses a substitute font.

Not a mystery. Purchasing the font doesn't necessarily give you the 
right to redistribute it, which is effectively what happens when you 
embed. Read the licence terms to find out what's allowed; Distiller is 
probably following rules in the font file. (You *may* be able to get 
away with embedding only a subset; check your settings and licence to 
see if that will work and is legal.)

The PDF works fine on your PC because you have a legal version of the 
font installed. It doesn't work fine on other machines that don't have 
the font; they have to substitute something else, because Distiller 
can't embed.

>> We decided to reinstall FM.  

Because of the font licence issue?! Wrong solution!

I used the FM disk to install Acrobat
>> and Distiller but these are earlier versions so I upgraded to
>> Acrobat Professional 6.0.
>> Unfortunately FM doesn't offer Distiller as a printer option now. 

Yes it does; it's just renamed to Adobe PDF. It's still the Distiller 

>> use Adobe PDF instead to create the PS file and then use Distiller
>> to create the PDF 

That is the most reliable method.

but I still have the font licence problem. I can
>> live with not having Distiller as a printer option but I really
>> need to sort out the font problem.
>> Any ideas?
Find a version of the font with a licence that allows embedding. Many 
fonts are available from several foundries (albeit usually with slight 
variations), and you may be able to find one with the licence terms you 
require. Otherwise, you'll have to change to a different font 
altogether, one that allows embedding.


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