I've tried this out on my system. Here's what I did to copy Polish text
from Word to FrameMaker:

1. I defined a FrameMaker paragraph format to use the Arial CE font.
2. I typed some text using Polish characters in a Word document.
3. I selected the text in Word and used Ctrl+C to copy it to the
4. In FrameMaker, I put the insertion point into the paragraph formatted
with the Arial CE font.
5. I chose Paste Special from the Frame Edit menu and selected RTF as
the paste format.

Bingo - the Polish characters displayed as expected.

You could move RTF to the beginning of the ClipboardFormatsPriorities
line in maker.ini. This will allow you to use regular Paste to put the
Polish text in.

I can also switch to the Polish keyboard and type Polish text directly
into Frame.
I didn't need to customise maker.ini or use WGL Assistant to activate
Arial CE.

My environment:
Windows XP Professional (UK English default locale)
Word XP
FrameMaker 7.2 (144)
Acrobat 6 Professional

Phil Heron
Technical Writer - CODA

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Hello Framers,

here we go again with the old "FrameMaker does not support Unicode"

A customer of mine has FrameMaker files which already contain Polish
He has now received some new Polish text in Word which he has to copy
and paste in the FrameMaker files. The known problem is that the
characters are okay in Word (because Word supports Unicode), but the
special (Polish) characters become question marks when you paste the
text in FrameMaker.

The maker.ini file has been customized and Arial CE has been activated
using WGL Assistant.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Best regards

Yves Barbion
Technical Writer
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