Hi Gevene,

I used to see this occasionally with imported graphics, particularly EPS 
files in a cross-platform environment. The imported graphics would be 
shifted in the anchored frame. In some instances, they would be shifted so 
far to the left or top that it would appear that the graphic was missing. I 
never did find the reason, but I would use a FrameScript script to fix them.

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing

> Hi,
> I am now working in FrameMaker 7.0, but this problem occurred,
> sporadically, when we had older versions. I know it happens with our long
> user guides (300-400 pages, 15-20 chapters), but it may also happen in
> shorter documents.
> When I shrinkwrap the equations, everything looks nice. And of course I
> save the file. Sometimes, when I open the book again and look at the
> equations, some part is - not in any consistent way, though often the
> left-most character - cut off. So I shrink-wrap it again and save the 
> file.
> This can go on in an endless circle. It doesn't happen all the time, but
> sometimes we have even printed user guides with part of an equation cut 
> off
> because we did not check every equation every time in the pdf file. I have
> searched everywhere I could for some sort of explanation of what is going
> on, but I haven't found any. (Maybe I don't know what to call the 
> problem.)
> I know there are a lot of people on this list who are much more 
> experienced
> than I am - do you know what is happening and how I can prevent it?
> (For the record - a few inherited equations in the book were not written
> using the equations palette, but the ones I have made are done this way.
> The problem occurs with both types.)
> Thanks in advance for any guidance,
> Gevene Hertz
> Technical Writer
> B-K Medical
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