I am curious to know if anyone on this lists has to work with screen shots 
taken from PDA devices. 
I have been struggling with this for a few years and think I have found 
the best formula, but it still doesn't print the way I would like. 

I use Microsoft Remote Display on my PC to run the device from my PC and 
then take screen shots with Paint Shop Pro. There is some kind of 
distortion every time. The actual size of the graphic is usually a full 
square inch larger than the actual screen. If you try to re-size in Paint 
Shop or PhotoShop, you can't read anything. 

Anyway, the screen shot graphic defaults to 96 dpi. To get it into Frame 
at 100%, you have to use 168 dpi (=96x2); 96 dpi displays at 175%. This is 
for both BMPs or WMFs.

There is some weird, inverse math going on, invisible to me, that I have 
racked my brain trying to figure out. I am wondering if anyone on this 
list has cracked the code to get clear graphics from PDAs into Frame. Or 
can point me to some resources. My searches come up dry.

The clearest graphic I have ever seen came from someone using an MSDN tool 
and that is not an option for me at this time. 


Jessica Nealon
Technical Writer

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