I'd try two different things.

First, I think you'll get better quality snaps of everything if you
try one of the dedicated snapshot programs such as SnagIt. I usually
save as a .png file, which imports into FM nicely and works well for
both print and online without conversion.

Second, I'd get the (usually free) Windows SDK for whatever os the
device is running.
Typically, it allows you to run the PDA application directly on the PC
using an emulator.
May make a difference because I think (just a guess) that one of the
problems you're experiencing may be due to pixel size or shape
differences between the PDA and the desktop.


On 3/8/06, Jessica.Nealon at handheld.com <Jessica.Nealon at handheld.com> 
> I am curious to know if anyone on this lists has to work with screen shots
> taken from PDA devices.

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