I assume that the EPS files are being imported 
as EPS into FrameMaker, correct?

FrameMaker does not modify the content of EPS
imported into documents. It is passed directly to
PostScript printers, which the Distiller acts as
for purpose of creating PDF files. 

HOWEVER, when generating PostScript for the document
at print time, FrameMaker must use generate a page
location and scaling factor for the EPS. I suspect
that somehow the scaling factor being used in the
example you cite is something like 0.9999. Why is
this happening? Perhaps you are putting a border
on the imported EPS frame? I would need to test this
out, but my best guess is that FrameMaker may be
"shrinking" the scale factor from 1.0000 to account
for any border applied in FrameMaker itself to the 
EPS file's frame.

        - Dov

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> Subject: Line width in inported graphics slightly diminishing 
> in FMgenerated PDFs
> Hi,
> We're using Acrobat's preflight feature to check for lines 
> thinner than
> 0.2 pts. The thinnest lines in our .eps graphics are exactly 
> 0.2 pts, but when we import these graphics in FM and check 
> the PDFs created from FM, Acrobat preflight says the graphics 
> uses "0.199600pt" lines.
> PDFs of these individual graphics, created from Illustrator, 
> do not have problems with Acrobat prefight, so it seems to be 
> some sort of FM conversion problem.
> Why does this happen, and is there any way to prevent this on 
> the FM side? If there is no way to fix this, we'd have to 
> tell our illustrator to make the lines in the graphics 
> slightly thicker.
> Windows XP, Illustrator 10, FM 7.1, Acrobat 6.
> By the way, is there no way to check the whole list archives 
> any more? I thought I'd search the archives first, but the 
> one I found at the frameusers site was just for the recent few months.
> TIA,
> Yosuke 

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