FrameMaker 7.1/7.2's "save as PDF" facility should work
perfectly fine with Acrobat 6 installed. I suspect that
the "save as PDF" function is finding "doggie droppings"
of versions of Acrobat or Distiller earlier than 6 on
your system in the Windows registry.

Conceptually, printing to the "Adobe PDF" PostScript printer
driver instance as opposed to "save as PDF" should not be
significantly difference in performance, depending of course
on driver settings. Make sure that the "Adobe PDF" PostScript
printer driver is setup to "start printing after last page
is spooled" as opposed to "print directly to the printer" or
even "start printing immediately."

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> Subject: Save as PDF in Frame 7.2
> Hello Framers,
> I have the following situation: Frame 7.0 installed on my system
> (Windows XP), together with Acrobat 6. Frame 7.1 and 7.2 were added
> later.
> In Frame 7.0, Save as PDF (using the Adobe PDF printer driver
> instance) works fine. When I try this in Frame 7.1 or 7.2, I get the
> known message saying "To execute the Save as PDF command, you must
> have Acrobat Distiller version 5.05 or higher installed".
> Any ideas how I can make "Save as PDF" work in Frame 7.1 and 7.2 as
> well? I remember e-mails from Dov Isaacs (and I hope he's reading this
> and willing to replay) in which he advised us against "reinstalitis"
> ;-) and where he also advised us NOT to install the Acrobat Distiller
> instance from the Frame CD-ROM.
> Print to Adobe PDF is not an option, because this goes A LOT slower
> (and I don't know why).
> Thanks in advance.
> --
> Yves Barbion

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