I have a similar layout as you: a textframe which spans
the whole page and below a 2-column textframe which holds
the actual index entries. My text frames are both "A".
Probably that?s the reason why your setup does not work.

Best regards


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> Betreff: Displaying heading text in a book
> I use Frame 7.0p579 on WinXP.
> The index of my book uses a 2-column body text frame labeled A.  The
> index heading sports an overhead line, and since we want this to span
> the width of the page, we have placed the heading in a separate text
> frame, tagged IX.  The problem is that in the book, when I toggle it
> to Display Heading Text, the index displays the capital letter A and
> not the word Index from the heading.
> Both text frames, A and IX, feature the Autoconnect checkbox checked. 
> If I clear the checkbox from the A text frame and save the file, the
> entry in the book file changes from A to the filename.fm, even though
> the rest of the books shows heading text and not filenames.
> My question is:  what logic does Frame use to decide which text to
> display in the book when the Display Heading Text mode is selected? 
> In blank empty test books I've tried, it takes the first text entered
> in the A text frame.  I've tried swapping name tags of the two text
> frames but this doesn't help.
> --Doug

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