Here's what I would ask for: <smile>

RAM: Corsair 2GB PC3200 DDR Kit (SKU: TWINX20483200PT) ($179)
CPU: AMD Athalon X2 4600+                              ($599)
MOBO: K8N Neo4 Platinum MS-7125-010 Motherboard        ($103)
VIDEO: Gigabyte GeForce 6600 GT Silentpipe II          ($158)
HD:  2 x  Seagate Barracuda 7200.9 300GB (SATA II)     ($129 ea.)
DISPLAY: 2 x Samsung SyncMaster 915N 19" LCD Monitor   ($329 ea.)

                                                 Total: $1955.00 
This also assumes that the current power supply is capable of handling

Prices are based on searches via Tom's Hardware.
You could drop to a lower CPU (say a AMD Athalon X2 3800+, which will
save you $200.), or switch to CRTs.

2 Monitors X 2
3 HD X 2


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I haven't been keeping up with the list lately, so forgive me if this
topic has been discussed recently. (I know it has been discussed
periodically in the past, but I assume that standards have changed some
since then.)

I work as a contractor at a government site, and we've been asked to
submit a wish list for upgrading our computers. Does anyone have any
advice on the current minimum standards in DTP for RAM, disk space,
graphics card, video card, processor, etc.? I have Windows XP and, in
addition to FrameMaker and various plugins, the major programs I use are
Windows Office 2003 (XP?), SnagIt, WordPerfect Office 11 (for legacy
documents), and Acrobat 7. We currently have Photoshop and some other
graphics programs on a common machine, but I could be adding some of
these to my machine in the future.

I'm working at home today, and so I don't recall all my the specs on my
computer at work, but I know I'm pathetically low on RAM (384MB--have
been begging for more for 2+ years). Fortunately, I've gotten by with
that because most of our documents have been small. However, I'm
currently converting a huge document (1200+ pages) from WordPerfect to
FrameMaker and adding color photos and graphics, and I know I'm going to
need more computer power.

Any advice would be appreciated.

In addition to replying to the list, I'd appreciate a cc to my
individual account to expedite receipt of any messages.



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