First thing I'd check is the Reference page of the LOF file, to make
sure that <$chapnum> is invoked correctly; that there aren't any typos
in the string.
Then, in the book file, look at the Numbering > Chapter settings for
each chapter file
to make sure they're set to increment and not to inherit the previous
file's number.


On 3/9/06, Gillian Flato <gflato at> wrote:
> In my chapters, the LOF reads the <$chapnum> variable properly so my
> figures are properly numbered Figure 1-1...4-6 etc. But when I run my
> LOF, the figure number properly updates but the <$chapnum> does not so
> my LOF has Figure 2-1, 2-2, 2-3, 2-1 (which should be 3-1) etc.
> Any ideas?

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