Gillian Flato wrote: 

> In my chapters, the LOF reads the <$chapnum> variable 
> properly so my figures are properly numbered Figure 1-1...4-6 
> etc. But when I run my LOF, the figure number properly 
> updates but the <$chapnum> does not so my LOF has Figure 2-1, 
> 2-2, 2-3, 2-1 (which should be 3-1) etc.

I'm not sure what the first sentence means (do you have a chapter LOF?).
As for the second, your LOF specifications (on the LOF's reference page)
shouldn't use <$chapnum> at all. Assuming you have only one figure
caption pgf format, FigCap, the LOF spec would include a FigCapLOF pgf
that might look like this: 

<$paranum> <$paratext> ...........................<$pagenum> 

The first building block, <$paranum>, would pick up the figure number
from each FigCap pgf (e.g., "Figure 1-1"). The second building block,
<$paratext>, would pick up the text of the FigCap pgf (e.g., "Exploded
view of widget"). That would be followed by a right tab, defined with a
leader, and then the <$pagenum> building block to insert the page

The details might differ for yours -- maybe you have punctuation between
<$paranum> and <$paratext>, or no leader -- but the basics should be the
same. You shouldn't be referencing <$chapnum> at all because the entire
figure number -- the prefix "Figure," the chapter number, the dash, and
the number of the figure within the chapter -- all come from pulling in
the paragraph numbers of the FigCap pgfs, using <$paranum>. 


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