HI Sindhu,

The very first solution for your problem is to ensure that if you are
inserting an image by giving a file reference, then it will have a specific
PATH. You need to ensure that at the receiving end, when the other team
members extract or view the files, they also have a similar file structure
else one will naturally get the corresponding error message while opening
the file or the image will be missing.

The other alternative solution is to embed the image as part of your
document. This will remove the isssues involved with maintaining the exact
PATH as is required by other team members.

Hope this resolves the issue.   :o)

Vijay Mahesh Tarwala

On 3/13/06, Sindhu tw <sindutw at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Framers,
> I want to include our product logo in each and every page. I have imported
> the logo and inserted it in the master pages.
> My problem is when i send my source documents for the other team members
> ...logo is not displayed; even though i send the files along with the
> graphics folder where i have stored the logo.
> I tried to include the logo in reference pages...but it dint work.
> Can you please tell me some solution for this.
> Thanks in advace
> Regards,
> Sindhu

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