There is one very good reason to reference your logo. If it ever changes, you 
want to change it once and have that change appear everywhere. This happened to 
me two years ago. Marketing will probably not change their minds based on an 
objection from the tech writers!
It also happens in a single-sourcing scenario if you have to rebrand a doc set 
for a partner with a different logo. 
And another time this comes up is if you have a different logo for online use 
(color) than for print use (b/w). When I generate my outputs, I use the color 
logo for online help and online docs (PDF), and the b/w version for the printed 
docs. Our logo is red, so a crisp black logo looks much better than a grayscale 
version of the red one.
ymmv, etc


> There is no reason to reference a logo. They aren't that large.

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