To display the level of support for Asian languages in Frame, choose
File > Preferences > General and then click the "Asian Language
Features" button.

If you are running Frame in a Western environment (for example US
English) a message will tell you that you can display Asian text
(assuming you have the right fonts installed) but that most Asian
language features are disabled.

To enable full support for Asian languages (using a Western version of
XP), start from the Windows XP Regional and Language Options control
- First choose the "Languages" tab. Tick the check box "Install files
for East Asian languages". This will cause the necessary support files
(fonts, IMEs etc) for Chinese, Japanese etc to be installed. You will
probably have to re-start after doing this.

- Next choose the Advanced tab from the Regional and Language Options
control panel and you will see a box titled "Language for non-Unicode
programs". If you are in the US this will probably be US English. Change
the language here to the one you want to use in Frame - most likely this
will be Simplified Chinese so you should choose Chinese (PRC). You will
probably have to re-start again after doing this.

Now display Frame's language support again and this time you should be
informed that all Asian language features are now supported.

If your Chinese speaker is familiar with using Windows to enter Chinese
text, they should find that they can now choose their preferred keyboard
and enter Chinese text into Windows applications (including Frame) using
their normal techniques.

If you want more information about using Asian keybards (IMEs) you might
want to look at the following Microsoft site:

Hope this is of some help to you,

Phil Heron
Technical Writer - CODA

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Hi Framers,

I need to edit a book of Chinese-language files (with the help of a
Chinese speaker who doesn't know FM). I can read the files in FM 7
running under an English-language version of XP. I can even do some
minor editing. But I can't do much with dialogs. I believe that FM 7 can
run on a Chinese-language Windows OS with all the functionality it has
when running on an English OS. Can someone confirm that that is the

If FM 7 can run on, say, Chinese-language Windows XP, how does one enter
Chinese characters? The online manuals that come with FM 7 say that you
need to use a "front-end processor (FEP), which is also known as an
Input Method Editor (IME)".  What sort of beast is that? And how do you
find one?

Finally, are there any pitfalls the novice needs to be aware of? (In
particular, I need to enter index markers and generate a TOC and index,
as well as some minor text edits.)


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