Can't you move the GroupTitlesIX paragraph from the Include list in the 
Bookmarks tab of the PDF Setup dialog box?

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing

I would like to generate a PDF that does not show each letter of the
alphabet in the bookmarks under Index.

The FrameMaker template automatically generates the GroupTitlesIX
paragraph tag, which is fine, but the PDF bookmark feature does not let
you opt out of displaying it as a bookmark. I have to delete the
paragraph tag from the FrameMaker Index file every time I regenerate in
order to keep the pesky things out of the PDF bookmark list.

I'm disappointed in Adobe. It seems to me that this is the kind of trick
Microsoft Word would pull: Assume it knows what you want, force it on
you in a way that's different from any other tag, and then violate its
own methodology by handling it differently in the PDF. Is there any way
that I can kill this without having a post-processing chore after every
FrameMaker book generation?


Jim Light

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