To see a PDF Setup for the Index I must PDF just that file, I guess. So
I did that and GroupTitlesIX was not in the list of included tags. It
was in the list of excluded tags; a key difference! 

So I generated the PDF for the index by itself and then closed the
FrameMaker index file and saved it. I deleted the index PDF.

When I regenerated the book and PDF'd it, the offending GroupTitlesIX
bookmarks were not there. Yahoo! (Or Yippee! If Yahoo is trademarked.)

There is something about this that still strikes me as a Wordish dirty
trick. I was unable to find this in the FrameMaker documentation. That
doesn't mean it isn't there, but still...

Anyway, thanks a lot for the tip.


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Are you looking at the PDF Setup dialog at the book level only?

The book-level PDF Setup list of paragraph tags does not include
the tags that are specific to the generated files.

For generated files, you need to set the file-level PDF Setup from
the individual file's window rather than the book window.

One of the undocumented behaviors of FrameMaker and Acrobat
is that paragraph tags that are set to be picked up as bookmarks
in individual files are picked up in addition to the tags that are set
on the book level. You can globally add more tags from the book-
level PDF Setup dialog, but any additional tags that have been
added on the file level will remain until you delete them at the
file level.

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Fred Ridder
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>I'm sorry, I guess I wasn't clear enough.
>The GroupTitlesIX paragraph tag does not appear in the PDF setup dialog
>at all. It is not part of our FrameMaker template. If you remove it
>the Reference page, FrameMaker puts it back. If you remove it from the
>paragraph catalog, FrameMaker puts it back. I cannot find a way to
>it from FrameMaker.
>If it is present in the FrameMaker index file paragraph catalog when
>generate your PDF, it appears in the bookmark list of the finished PDF
>even though it does NOT appear in the PDF Settings dialog at all. There
>is NO WAY to tell Acrobat to not use this, unless you delete the tag
>from the paragraph catalog before you generate the PDF. You don't even
>have to delete the actual tagged paragraphs. They can remain, tagged
>with the GroupTitlesIX tag, they appear in the printed and PDF
>As long as the tag is removed from the catalog you can have the letters
>in the index without having them in the PDF Bookmarks list.
>Is that clearer?
>Am I the only person for whom this behavior manifests itself? Yikes!
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> > Can't you move the GroupTitlesIX paragraph from the Include list in
> > Bookmarks tab of the PDF Setup dialog box?
>That will fix it, but it brings up an interesting point. I always
>include the same paragraph types in my bookmarks. Never a variation,
>I've been modifying basically the same templates since I created them
>years ago.
>Isn't there any way to change the defaults on the Include list? It's
>always such a weird mix of paragraph tags.
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