Since your cover and back cover PDFs are not generated from Frame, I
assume that you are using Acrobat Professional to put them together into
the single PDF. Acrobat Professional is where you need to add your blank

Since Acrobat only allows you to insert pages from another PDF, what you
will need to do is create a PDF of a blank page that is the same size as
the rest of your book. You might want to create a new file using the
template for your book and apply a blank master page (no headers or
footers) to it, save the document, then PDF it.

You can then use this PDF to insert the blank page after your front
cover and before your back cover.



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Subject: Adding a Blank Page Before/After Book Cover
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I'm trying to create a layout for a manual that needs to be made
in PDF and print. Using Acrobat Professional, I create one PDF using
PDFs: Front cover, Back cover, and manual. I need to ensure that there
is a
blank page after the Front cover, so that the manual starts on the
right. Am
I making sense?

Since the cover isn't part of the Frame file, the "Make Page Count Even"
doesn't help me. I also need a blank page before the Back cover for the
reason. What's the proper way (Page Break?) to achieve this goal?

The Frame Online Help talks about blank pages and disconnected pages,
but I
don't think these tools provide the solution I need.

Thank you,


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