Hi all, I hope one of you can offer a solution to my problem. Here
goes... I create a printed report book in FrameMaker that provides
details about the report as well as a sample.  The sample is printed
from the program as PDF and I import the same PDF into my FM doc (which
retains the quality of the report).  I want to take this FM book and
create a help file in RH.  Yesterday I saved my FM as .mif and imported
it into RH. It worked wonderfully except that my PDF'd report samples
were converted to JPG, and were blank. 

I played around a little yesterday trying to figure out a solution and I
could only come up with exporting each PDF'd report sample out to JPG
from Illustrator.  I'm really not happy with having to do this because I
would love for it to be a fully automated process.  It is a simple
enough document that I should be able to single source my maintenance

I know that there has got to be a snazzy plug-in to accomplish this
because FrameUsers do not tolerate being beaten like this!!

Thank you for you help in advance!!

Nikki Bridwell

Horizon Software International, LLC

Senior Documentation Specialist

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